City General Services Office (GSO)

DESCRIPTION: The General Services Office provides and maintains general public services, such as environmental, water and power management, maintenance of government facilities, supply and records management system, and to coordinate with proper authorities in the strict implementation of rules, regulation, policies and ordinances, as required by law.


  • To effectively implement environmental and solid waste management approaches and provide the entire citizenry with a clean and environment friendly Tuguegarao City.
  • To Provide the City government with supplies, equipment and manpower needed in the execution and performance of duties and function of its employees in the different offices/departments.
    • Prepare, canvass, purchase request, purchase orders, inspection reports on waste materials, vouchers, pre-inspection report, post inspection report and other documents needed as attachments for procurement purposes as required under R.A.9184 and its implementing Rules and Regulations.
    • Inspects all procured items and good as per specifications and program of work.
    • Collate annual procurement plan/program of all departments and other attached agencies of the city.
    • Registration and Updating of Insurance Premiums of Vehicles and Building with GSIS, LTO, Emission Commission and other Concerned Agencies.
    • Prepare vouchers and other legal documents needed for registration of vehicles, real properties, and other facilities owned by the LGU-Tuguegarao City.
    • Take custody of and be accountable for all City Government properties, real and personal owned by the LGU and those granted to it in the form of donation, reparation, assistance and counterpart of joint projects.
    • Performs functions pertaining to records, management and filing, recording of incoming and outgoing communications and prepares inventory reports, memorandum of receipts, property return slip and ledgers.
    • Maintain and supervise janitorial, security, landscaping and other related services in all local government public buildiong and other real property, whether owned or leased by the local government unit.