Getting Around Tuguegarao

Getting Around Tuguegarao

tugcity_kalesaThe main mode of transportation in Tuguegarao is the tricycle, which locals refer to as tricy. The minimum fare is set at Php10.00, with fares for farther places depending on location. Note that with this price, the driver has a right to scoot in a few more passengers with you as he goes along. Another popular mode of going about the city is the karitela, a horse-drawn transport with a boxy carriage at the back. Fare is similar with the tricy at Php10.00 minimum, but most of these are limited within the downtown area.

Phone Numbers

Mayor’s Office (078) 304-1114
 Human Resource & Management Office  (078) 304-2732
 Business Permit & Licensing Office  (078) 456-7892
 City Disaster Risk & Reduction Management Office  (078) 304 1714
 City Police Station  (078) 846-4841
 Bureau of Fire Protection  (078) 846-3703


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