How to Get Here

How to get here

The hurdle of conquering the numbing 12-hour bus ride from Manila to Tuguegarao has been given solution by two major airlines in the country, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines. While the prices of bus and plane tickets are quite wide, try to book during seat sales and you just might chance on a flight fare that’s much cheaper than those of buses. If you’re set on doing the bus route, I suggest you book a night trip; that way, you can sleep off the hours and arrive at Tuguegarao by sunrise. Or better yet, get a sleeper bus, which is only more expensive by a few hundred pesos.

There are several bus terminals in Cubao, Caloocan and Manila that plies the Tuguegarao City route. Most of these have daily schedules to the province with night trips being the norm. Ticket fares are usually pegged at Php600.00, give or take, for a 12-hour one-way trip. As always, please call the numbers provided for an updated bus schedule.

Baliwag Transit – Cubao | (02) 912-3361 | Fare Php600.00+/-
Dalin Liner – Manila | (02) 722-7999 | Fare Php600.00+/-
Deltra Bus Transit – Manila | (02) 740 7102 | Fare Php600.00+/-
GV Florida Bus – Manila | (02) 781-5894 | Fare Php600.00+/- | Sleeper Php1,000+/-
Victory Liner – Kamias, Pasay, Manila, Caloocan | (02) 727-4688 | Fare Php600.00+/-

Cebu Pacific Air – (02) 7020-888
Flies daily to Tuguegarao | Duration 1:05

Philippine Airlines – (02) 855 8888
Flies daily to Tuguegarao | Duration 1:05

As of this writing, I know of only one bus company that plies that Baguio to Tuguegarao City route. The trip takes about 10 hours via the Dangwa Tranco bus line (074) 442 2449.

There are passenger bus lines that goes directly from Vigan City to Tuguegarao City. One such isGMW Bus (077) 670-3454 with fare ranging from Php400.00 to Php500.00. The trip takes about 9 hours.

Phone Numbers

Mayor’s Office (078) 304-1114
 Human Resource & Management Office  (078) 304-2732
 Business Permit & Licensing Office  (078) 456-7892
 City Disaster Risk & Reduction Management Office  (078) 304 1714
 City Police Station  (078) 846-4841
 Bureau of Fire Protection  (078) 846-3703


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