Office the Assessor

Office of the City Assessor – performs all functions and duties related to the appraisal and assessment of real property units located within the city for taxation purposes and ensures that all laws and policies governing same are properly executed and exercises such other duties/functions as maybe prescribed by law under Sec. 472 RA 7160.

It is composed of four (4) Sections with the following functions and duties, to wit:

  1. Appraisal and Assessment Operations & Evalutation Section – take charge of the appraisal and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes, conducts frequent field/ocular inspections to determine property classification;
  2. Records Section – take charge of the maintenance, update and safekeeping of all technical and non-technical real property Assessment Records & Records Management;
  3. Taxmapping Operations Section – prepare, install & maintain a system of taxmapping showing graphically all property subject to assessment & property identification and accounting, conforming to the standards prescribed by the Department of Finance;
  4. Administrative Section – plans, directs & performs functions and activities concerning administrative matters and clerical duties.