An environmentally sustainable city with an empowered populace in collective action to uphold the principles of human dignity, equality and equity, actively working towards a diversified yet strong, vibrant and investment friendly economy; a richer cultural identity having the best peace and order situation in Northern Luzon; and taking pride of its action.


The City Government shall be head strong in its mission to change the way people think of governance. The local government and the people shall be unified by a common desire for change and resolve to improve lives through heartfelt service for the general welfare.

To achieve this mission, we are committed to:

  1. Promote Social and Economic Justice;
  2. Ensure Economic Development and Quality Health Care Program;
  3. Advocate Respect for the Rule of Law and Maintain Peace and Order;
  4. Promote Vibrant Socio-cultural Development and Heritage Preservation;
  5. Establish Institution of Participatory Governance and Development Administration Process;
  6. Institutionalize Community, Barangay and Women & Youth Empowerment;
  7. Integrate Environmental and Solid Waste Management Approaches.

Phone Numbers

Mayor’s Office (078) 304-1114
 Human Resource & Management Office  (078) 304-2732
 Business Permit & Licensing Office  (078) 456-7892
 City Disaster Risk & Reduction Management Office  (078) 304 1714
 City Police Station  (078) 846-4841
 Bureau of Fire Protection  (078) 846-3703


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